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We're On A Mission-  Raising Consciousness For A Better World
      In 2006 the world spent over 50 billion dollars on entertainment, while 40 million people died from hunger, disease and malnutrition.  For the first time in history, we have the resources to end extreme poverty, IF we can muster the collective will.  According to Dr. Jeffrey Sachs:

"When the end of poverty arrives, as it can and should in our own generation, it will be citizens in a million communities in rich and poor countries alike, rather than a handful of political leaders, who will have turned the tide. The fight for the end of poverty is a fight that all of us must join in our own way."

Earthwide Village is dedicated to the cause of raising consciousness as the best hope and means for enrolling the millions of everyday people who will join the fight and collectively turn the tide.  Please join us in the effort to raise consciousness.  In doing so we can create better lives and a better world!

Why raising consciousness is so powerful.

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